My Startup
iSchool, is an affordable gamified schooling system that engages school-going-age children across Pakistan.

Our goal is to reach out to all Pakistani children who seldom have such growth opportunities.

What we offer

  • iSchool is an alternate to regular schooling system (Grade 1 to 10; Fee ranging from PKR 1,000 to 2,500) which is designed for the fourth industrial revolution with 3 futuristic streams of learning:
    STEAM based
    Healthy Lifestyle & Creative Clubs
    Entrepreneurial Mindset.

  • iSchool modules can be adopted by other schools/schooling systems as per their need.
  • iSchool courses can be adopted by individual students to improve upon their learning gaps and skill set.

iSchool is powered by EDTW’s Digital Interactive Platform (DIP) which is a one-stop solution available in
English, Urdu & other regional languages.

Let’s explore the three futuristic streams of learning.